15 Nov

New Year’s Eve

In cooperation with Radio San Marino, big party in Piazza Sant’Agata, which will be transformed into an open-air disco to welcome the new year.


Christmas on ice at night:
Ice skating rink and ice bumpers from 10 am to 3 am
3€ including skate hire. Ice bumpers slide: 1 €

Open-air New Year’s Party from 10 pm to late at night:
10.30 pm DJ set with Chicco Giuliani
Lux Arcana: a spectacular live performance with LED lights and music.
Tastings: rice cake with raisins and chocolate, “panettone” (typical Italian Christmas cake), vin brulé (hot spicy red wine), hot chocolate, hot Vov (typical creamy Italian liqueur made with eggs, similar to eggnog). Brut and Moscato wine bottles will be available for € 10.
Huge firework display.
DJ set with Lory G.

New Year’s Eve dinner in the old town restaurants and in the Star’s House.

The panoramic cable car will be available from 7.50 am to 8 pm. A free shuttle service connecting  the Borgo Maggiore cable car station and Porta San Francesco (Old Town) will be operated from 11 pm to 2 am.

Night bus to Rimini: an additional night bus, departing at 1.30 am from P.le Calcigni, Old Town  San Marino (car-park no. 1/bus) will be added to the ordinary service. Fare: Euro 5,00 one way. Tickets available onboard.

31 December 2016 – from 22.00
Piazza S. Agata, Old Town, San Marino